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3GPP RAN Release 18 for Verticals: Highlights

This workshop on 3GPP RAN Release 18 for Industry Verticals gave a deep-dive into vertical industries for 3GPP Release 18 as we move into Advanced 5G. 

Presentations can be downloaded here.

Automotive: 5GAA Maxime Flament, CTO Input to RAN 18 Rel-18 Workshop

Manufacturing/IIoT: Michael Bahr, Siemens and 5G-ACIA WG 1Chair and An Xueli, Huawei and 5G-ACIA WG1 Vice Chair 3GPP RAN Rel-18 for Industry Verticals 

Public Safety/Critical Communications: Tero Pesonen, TCCA Chair, joint presentation with PSCE, 3GPP MRP Mini Workshop: 3GPP Rel 18. Requirements from industry verticals

Media and Broadcasting: David Vargas, BBC and 5G-MAG Chair of CD-T WG, Proposals for 3GPP RAN Rel-18

Satellite: Nicolas Chuberre, Thales Alenia Space NTN Requirements in Rel-18 

Rail: Ingo Wendler, UIC, NR Narrowband Channel Bandwidth - Railway Use Case

Maritime: Hyounhee Koo, Synctechno and IALA, Maritime Requirements on 3GPP Rel 18 RAN Studies/Works Priorities

Utilities: Julian Stafford, EUTC 3GPP RAN Rel-18 Requirements Erik Guttman, Samsung 5G Smart Energy Infrastructure

Multiple verticals: Andrea Di Giglio, 5G SOLUTIONS

Multiple verticals: Mathew Webb, Huawei and 3GPP RAN 3GPP Release 17 and Release 18 support for industry verticals

Mathew Webb, Huawei and 3GPP RAN, Passive IoT for 5G-Advanced

Multiple verticals: Thierry Berisot, Novamint and 3GPP RAN, Industry Verticals and Rel-18 RAN

Thursday, June 24, 2021
3GPP for Vertical Industries
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Automotive,Broadcasting and Media,Energy and Utilities,Industrial Internet of Things,Maritime,Public Safety and Critical Communications,Rail and Mobility,Satellite

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