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Overview of the 5G-SMART Trial on 5G for Enhanced Industrial Manufacturing Processes

This trial focuses on two inter-related use cases for 5G based wireless acoustic emission measurement and multi-sensor platform for monitoring of workpiece and machines based on 5G URLLC and mMTC services. The trial site will build on an early pre-standard 5G installation used in earlier collaborations. The site facility will be equipped with a new standard-compliant indoor 5G NR system and will be further upgraded with new features over the course of the project based on the availability of the components.

The trial site is located at the machine hall of the Fraunhofer Institute of Production Technology IPT in Aachen (Germany) and has its focus on 5G enhanced industrial manufacturing processes. The two use cases revolve around 5G for wireless tool condition monitoring and 5G for wireless workpiece monitoring for digital twin. For the first use case, a 5G-based wireless acoustic emission sensor system has been developed by Fraunhofer IPT and Marposs Monitoring Solutions. The sensor is able to detect critical process conditions and trigger an instant reaction of the machine tool thanks to the URLLC capabilities of the 5G transmission. For rapid processing of measurement signals with high scalability, a factory-located edge cloud is integrated with the 5G and the shop floor network. The edge cloud is configured to flexibly provide microservices and virtual machines. For the second use case, a multi-sensor platform (MSP) is developed which is a highly ruggedised and compact device, allowing an easy connection of different subsystems, sensors or other data infrastructure.  The MSP is used for monitoring and introduces flexibility and versatility on the shop floor, as it is capable of addressing a large variety of possible sensors and applications.

Use Case Data Summary

Location: Aachen, Germany

Dates: Q2-2021

Partners involved: Fraunhofer IPT

Funding reference: Horizon 2020; ICT-19-2019 - Advanced 5G validation trials across multiple vertical industries

Funding cycle; June 2019-May 2022

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